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Fifth International Conference on Energy Engineering


December 24-26, 2019

List of Accepted Papers for Oral Presentation at the Conference Sessions
24-26 December, 2019

Presented papers will be published free of charge at  a Special Issue of 
nternational J ournal of A pplied E nergy S ystems ( IJAES )
 ISSN: 2636-3720

ISSN (Online): 2682-3004
ISSN (CD-ROM): 2682-3012

Renewable Energy
Maha A.Tony,
“Sun in a Box” Day-to-Night Solar Energy Storage for Heating and Cooling Applications Utilizing Zeolite Synthesized from Waste Residues Towards Energy Density Enhancement

Ahmed H. Mohamed, Ahmed. N. Shmroukh, and M. Attalla,
Optimum Seawater Depth in Modified Solar Still Using Vertical Flax Porous Media

Nabeel Abed, Imran Afgan, and Tarek Abdel-Malak Meakhail,
Numerical Investigations of Parabolic Trough Collectors using Different Nanofluids

Azza A. A. Mostafa, Kamelia Youssef, and M. Abdelrahman,
Analysis of Photovoltaic in Egypt using SWOT and Pestle

El-Sadek H. Nour El-deen, and K. Harby,
Investigation of Cascading adsorption Water Desalination and Refrigeration Cycles with Integrated Evaporator-Condenser

Mahmoud Roshdy, Salama Abd Elhady, Mohamed Shaban, and Mohamed Fathy,
" Experimental Measurements on the Effect of Solar Still Basin Height on its Performance "

Tarek Abdel-Malak Mekhaila, Mohamed Fathy Cideka, Hesham Sayed Abdel-Mohsena, and Ahmed Salah Mousab, " Experimental Study of Wind Turbine Blade Consists of Airfoils (NACA 63.XXX+FFA-W3) "

Marianna M. G. Shokrallah, Sayed M. Ahmed, Dina M. Hafez, and E. E. EL-Kholy,
" Performance and Analysis of dc-dc Converter of Induction Motor Based on Renewable Biomass Energy "

Electrical Power System
Sobhy. S. Dessouky, Sherif. S. M. Ghoneim, Adel A. Elfaraskoury, Ahmed B. Abou Sharaf, and Ramy Nabil R. Ghaly, “ Power Transformer Oil Behavior due to Barrier Location at AC Voltage

Ahmed Atallah, Hilmy Awad, and Mohammed S. Abd-Albary,
Feasibility of Superficial Small- and Micro-Hydro Power Plants in Egypt

Loai Nasrat, Safaa Abdo Ibrahim, and Salah Kamel,
Dielectric Strength and Volume Resistivity Characteristics of EPR/PVC Blends for High Voltage Insulators under Different Environment Conditions

Osama E. Gouda, Adel Z. El Dein, and H. M. Moneer,
Parameters Affecting the Maximum Temperature of the Medium Voltage Cable Termination

Tarek Hassan Mohamed, and Y. Qudaih,
Optimal Load Frequency Regulation with Participation of Vehicle to Grid V2G Scheme

Salama Abd Elhady,
Electric and Magnetic Energies in the Human Body

Mechanical Power Engineering
Abdelrhman Abdalla Elian, Walid Aniss Aissa, Omar Mohamed Dahab, and Mohamed Fathi Sedik,
Enhancement of Water Cooled Internal Combustion Engines Using Peltier Effect

Hesham S. El-Kady, Samy El-Behery, Gaber Asar, and Safwat Wilson,
Effect of Gas Direct Injection on Controlling SIE Power

Tarek Mekhail and Mohamed Fathy,
Parametric Study of the Flow in the Horizontal Absorber Tube of the Parabolic Trough Collector

Haroun Hassan, W. A. Aissa, M. Shaban Eissa, H. Abdel-Mohsen,
The Effect of Introducing HHO gas into the Intake Manifold of Spark Ignition Engine (SIE)

Salama Abd Elhady,
Notes on the International System (SI) of Units

Ezz Eldin Mohamed Hefny, Tarek Abdelmalak Meakhail, Waleed Ahmed Abdelfadeel, and Ibrahim Kamal Mohamed, " Numerical Study of the Flow in Stator-Rotor of Francis Turbine "

Control Engineering
Tarek Hassan Mohamed, A. M. Elnoby, Ammar M. Hassan, Adel Bedair Abdelmoety, and Shaimaa Abdelhameed, “ Load Frequency Control of Single Area Power System using Water Cycle Algorithm

Mahmoud Hussein and Mahmoud Hasseeb,
Power Quality Enhancement of Shunt Active Power Filter for Non-Linear Loads

Tarek Hassan Mohamed, and Atef Abdel-Fattah Atef,
Electro-Search Algorithm for Adaptive Position Tracking Control of a DC Servo Motor

Esam H. Abdelhameed, Tarek Hassan Mohamed, Marwa Mahmoud Hamed, and Gaber El-saady Ahmed,
Design of Hybrid Fuzzy and Position-Velocity Controller for Precise Positioning of a Servo System

Materials, Production, and Design of Energy Aspects
Loai Nasrat, Mervat Hassan, Gehad Abdelgawad,
Grey Wolf Optimizer for Detecting Aging of Power Cables

Husain Alfadhel, Hamouda M Mousa, Gomaa A. A., and Gamal T. Abdel-Jaber,
Novel Polysulfone-Iron Acetate Nanocomposite Membrane for Oil / Water Separation

Mostafa Khaled, H. Noby, Eman S. Mansor, A. H. El-Shazly, and W. A. Aissa,
Water Purification using Recycled Polymeric Microfiltration Membranes

Saeed Ghali, Hoda El-Faramawy, and Azza Ahmed,
Influence of Chromium Addition to MoNi Steel on Mechanical Properties at High Temperature