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Fifth International Conference on Energy Engineering


December 24-26, 2019

Proceedings of Accepted Papers

Presented papers will be published free of charge at  a special Issue of 
nternational J ournal of A pplied E nergy S ystems ( IJAES )
 ISSN: 2636-3720

ISSN (Online): 2682-3004
ISSN (CD-ROM): 2682-3012

Renewable Energy
Maha A. Tony ,
"Sun in a Box" Day-to-Night Solar Energy Storage for Heating and Cooling Applications Utilizing Zeolite Synthesized from Waste Residues Towards Energy Density Enhancement, pp 1-5
Ahmed H. Mohamed, Ahmed. N. Shmroukh, and M. Attalla ,
Optimum Seawater Depth in Modified Solar Still Using Vertical Flax Porous Media, pp 6-10

Azza A. A. Mostafa, Kamelia Youssef, and M. Abdelrahman ,
Analysis of Photovoltaic in Egypt using SWOT and PESTLE, pp 11-14

Mohamed Hefny Salim, Sebastian Schubert, Bj ö rn Maronga, Christoph Schneider, and Mohamed Fathy Cidek ,
Introducing the Urban Climate Model PALM System 6.0, pp 15-18

Tarek Mekhail, Mohamed Fathy Cidek, Hesham Sayed Abdel-Mohsen, and Ahmed Salah Mousa ,
Experimental Study of Wind Turbine Blade Consists of Airfoils (NACA 63.XXX+FFA-W3), pp 19-27

Mahmoud Roshdy, Salama Abd Elhady, Mohamed Shaban, and Mohamed FathyCidek ,
Experimental Measurements on the Effect of Solar Still Basin Height on its Performance, pp 28-32

Marianna M. G. Shokrallah, Sayed M. Ahmed, Dina M. Hafez, and E. E. EL-Kholy ,
Performance and Analysis of dc-dc Converter of Induction Motor Based on Renewable Biomass Energy, pp 33-37

Electrical Power Systems
Osama E. Gouda, Adel Z. El Dein, and H. M. Moneer ,
Parameters Affecting the Maximum Temperature of the Medium Voltage Cable Termination, pp 38-43

Salama Abd Elhady ,
Electric and Magnetic Energies in the Human Body, pp 44-52

LoaiNasrat, and Safaa Abdo Ibrahim ,
Dielectric Strength and Volume Resistivity Characteristics of EPR/PVC Blends for High Voltage Insulators under Different Environment Conditions, pp 53-58

Salama Abd Elhady ,
Notes on the International System (SI) of Units, pp 59-64

Mechanical Power Engineering
Abdelrhman Abdalla Elian, Walid Aniss Aissa, Omar Mohamed Dahab, and Mohamed Fathy Cidek ,
Enhancement of Water Cooled Internal Combustion Engines Using Peltier Effect, pp 65-70

Tarek Mekhail, Mohamed Fathy Cidek, Michael N. Mekhael, and Imran Afgan ,
Parametric Study of the Flow in the Horizontal Absorber Tube of the Parabolic Trough Collector, pp 71-76

Haroun Hassan, W. A. Aissa, M. Shaban Eissa, H. Abdel-Mohsen ,
The Effect of Introducing HHO gas into the Intake Manifold of Spark Ignition Engine (SIE), pp 77-81

Ezz Eldin Mohamed Hefny, Tarek Mekhail, Waleed Ahmed Abdelfadeel, and Ibrahim Kamal Mohamed ,
Numerical Study of the Flow in Stator-Rotor of Francis Turbine, pp 82-87

Nabeel Abed, Imran Afgan, Adel Nasser, Hector Iacovides, Andrea Cioncolini, and Tarek Mekhail ,
Numerical Investigations of parabolic trough collectors using different nanofluids, pp 88-94

Control Engineering
Tarek Hassan Mohamed, A. M. Elnoby, Ammar M. Hassan, Adel Bedair Abdelmoety, and Shaimaa Abdelhameed ,
Load Frequency Control of Single Area Power System using Water Cycle Algorithm, pp 95-98

Mahmoud Hussein and Mahmoud Hasseeb ,
Power Quality Enhancement of Shunt Active Power Filter for Non-Linear Loads, pp 99-105

Tarek Hassan Mohamed, and Atef Abdel-Fattah Atef ,
Electro-Search Algorithm for Adaptive Position Tracking Control of a DC Servo Motor, pp 106-110

Esam H. Abdelhameed, Tarek Hassan Mohamed, Marwa Mahmoud Hamed, and Gaber El-Saady Ahmed ,
Design of Hybrid Fuzzy and Position-Velocity Controller for Precise Positioning of a Servo System, pp 111-115

Asmaa EL-Hussiny, Hany A. Hamed, and E. E. El-Kholy ,
A New Modulation Index Control (MIC) Technique for Reducing THD for Photovoltaic Applications, pp 116-121

Materials, Production, and Design of Energy Aspects
Mostafa Khaled, H. Noby, Eman S. Mansor,A. H. El-Shazly, and W. A. Aissa ,
Water Purification using Recycled Polymeric Microfiltration Membranes, pp 122-126

LoaiNasrat, Mervat Hassan, GehadAbdelgawad ,
Grey Wolf Optimizer for Detecting Aging of Power Cables, pp 127-132

Acceptance Ratio: 74.2%