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Fifth International Conference on Energy Engineering


December 24-26, 2019

The conference program will focus on the recent advances in the topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Renewable Energy
    ● Wind Energy Systems
    ● Tidal Energy Systems
    ● Biogas Energy Systems
    ● Geothermal Energy Systems
    ● Renewable Energy Economics
    ● Solar Thermal Energy Systems

Electrical Power Systems
    ● Smart Grid
    ● Power Electronics 
    ● Electric Machines  
    ● Protection Systems
    ● Distribution Systems 
    ● High Voltage Engineering

Mechanical Power Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
    ● Heat Engines 
    ● Heat Transfer
    ● Nanotechnology
    ● Thermodynamics

Control Engineering
     ● Hybrid Control Systems
     ● Discrete Control Systems         
     Precision Control Systems

     ● Intelligent Control Applications
     ●  Optimized Control Techniques
     ● Nonlinear Systems Modeling and Control

Wireless Communications for Electric Power Systems
     ● Home Area Networks
     ● Power Line Communication
     ● Communications in the Distribution System
     ● Wireless Communications in Smart Grid
     ● Communications and Control in Electric Power Systems

Materials, Production, and Design of Energy Aspects
     ● Energy Materials
     ● Composite Materials
     ● Biomaterials and Bioprocessing
     ● Materials for Water Management
     ● Material Testing and Characterization
     ● Nano Materials and Nano Technology

Scope of the Conference
ISSN (Online): 2682-3004
ISSN (CD-ROM): 2682-3012